Privacy Notice Policy

The policy in brief:

It’s important that you read Action Cancer’s full policy to understand what information we hold, how we may use it, and what your rights are – here’s a quick summary:

  • We collect information that may be of a personal nature (names, addresses, date of birth, bank details etc.).
  • We collect information about some service users that may be of a sensitive nature, e.g. medical history.
  • We collect information about the people we provide services to, members, donors, volunteers, employees, job applicants, customers and suppliers.
  • We collect information in order to provide services, information and goods, to fundraise for our charitable works and all related administration e.g. processing financial transactions.
  • We only collect the information that we need or that would be useful to us in our quest to provide the best possible service.
  • We are committed to keeping personal information secure.
  • We will never sell your data.
  • We only share data in limited circumstances, e.g. where we are required by law or with carefully selected partners who do work for us. All our partners are required by their contract to treat your data as carefully as we would, to only use it as instructed, and to allow us to check that they do this.
  • Our websites use cookies – for more information check Our cookies policy.

If you have a query regarding the accuracy of your personal data then we will deal with it quickly and fairly.  You can opt in or out of receiving communications about our services, campaigns and events or change your preferences about your preferred method of communication.  You can contact us by emailing: [email protected], telephoning 02890 803344 or by logging onto our website and updating your preferences. 

If you have any other queries about your information, you can contact our Data Protection Officer, Arlene McGeown at [email protected].

To download/view the full Policy click here.