Signs & Symptoms

  • Any change in the shape or size of your breast
  • A lump or thickness in the breast or under the armpit
  • Change in the skin – any dimpling, puckering or redness
  • Nipple discharge – bleeding or any heavy discharge
  • Change in the position of a nipple – pulled inwards or pointing in a different direction
  • Rash on the nipple
  • Veins that stand out more than normal in one of your breasts
  • A pain or odd sensation that is not normal for you

Over 80% of breast lumps are benign (not cancer), are very common in pre-menopausal women and can come and go with the menstrual cycle, but any breast lump should be assessed by your GP for referral if necessary to a specialist breast clinic.

Breast pain is very common in women of all ages. For example, approximately two out of three pre-menopausal women will experience it at some time in their lives. Having breast pain does not increase your risk of breast cancer. However, it is still important to be breast aware and go back to your GP if your pain is persistent, unusual or you notice any other changes in your breasts.

See 'I have breast pain - am I at higher risk?' for further information.