What's Onboard?

Breast Screenings – 24 appointments per day

1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. While this is a frightening statistic, detecting breast cancer early makes it a very treatable diagnosis. Using the latest digital mammography technology, we are able to see cancers millimetres in size and before women have developed symptoms or a lump. All women over 40 should be having regular mammograms.

Action Cancer offer this free service to women aged 40-49 & 70+ (the NHS routine screening programme will call all women aged 50-70 every 3 years).

Appointments last approximately 10 minutes and results are processed within 3 weeks.

Who is eligible for an appointment?

  • Women aged 40-49 or 70+ who have no breast symptoms or concerns.

Who is not eligible for an appointment?

  • Those aged 50-69; they will be called by the NHS screening service every 3 years.
  • Those who have had a previous mammogram within the last 2 years.
  • Those with a breast symptom or concern - they should see their GP for a hospital referral.
  • Those who are currently pregnant or breast feeding, or have been within the last 6 months.

After the mammogram:

  • The mammogram will be sent to Action Cancer House for reporting by Consultant Radiologists or specialist Radiographers. The results process takes up to 3 weeks.
  • A results letter will be sent to you and your GP.
  • If further investigation is required, Action Cancer will arrange for you to be seen at your nearest specialist breast clinic.


Testimony from Service User

Kate Comiskey lives near Markethill with her husband Patrick. She has three sons, David, Andrew and Patrick.

“It was over Breast Cancer Awareness Month when I read in the newspaper that the Big Bus was coming to my home town. Being proactive about my health and somewhat curious about the service, aged 49, I booked a screening appointment onboard.

As a result I was referred to a specialist breast clinic for further investigation. I didn’t think much of it as I was fit and healthy and was at the time training for a marathon. When we got the news that it was cancer we were absolutely shell-shocked. I had six rounds of chemotherapy and then a course of radiotherapy.

Receiving a cancer diagnosis is a shocking blow to any individual; I was only 50 at the time. I felt let down by my body. I had, I felt, done everything in my power to defend myself from cancer through my active and healthy lifestyle. I never considered the idea of being personally afflicted by cancer.

I will be eternally grateful for the breast screening service that Action Cancer offers and for detecting the cancer so early. I have slowly but surely started to re-integrate myself into my old lifestyle; I am looking forward to becoming more like the old Kate Comiskey again.



 M.O.T. Heath Checks - 13 appointments per day

Health check appointments are for anyone aged 16 and over. They aim to increase awareness of the importance of early detection and to provide a picture of your current health and the areas you may wish to make changes in.

Each appointment will last 20 minutes and comprise 4 tests as outlined below, as well as a discussion on lifestyle choices such as diet and exercise. These health checks do not diagnose cancer.

Cholesterol and Glucose Measurement (These count as 2 of your 4 tests)

This involves obtaining a single sample of blood from the individual’s finger using a sterile needle. 

It is important to have your cholesterol monitored as high cholesterol increases your risk of serious health conditions such as heart attack and stroke.

The glucose measurement is used to indicate the risk of Diabetes.

Blood Pressure and Pulse Rate

Blood pressure measures how strongly blood presses against the walls of your arteries as it is pumped around the body by your heart. If this pressure is too high it puts a strain on your arteries and your heart which makes it more likely that you will suffer a heart attack, stroke or kidney disease.


Body Composition Analysis

  • Carried out in the form of bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA). These professional scales measure weight, body fat %, fat mass, muscle mass, total body water %, metabolic age, basal metabolic rate (BMR), visceral fat (fat which gathers around internal organs) and body mass index (BMI). *For more accurate results it is recommended that you should not do heavy exercise or eat a large meal in the 3 hours before this test.

Please note the following:

  • A three hour fast is necessary before the cholesterol and glucose tests.
  • Cholesterol and glucose tests cannot be carried out if suffering from a bleeding disorder or on blood thinning medication (e.g. Warfarin).
  • Body Composition Scales cannot used if you are pregnant or if you have any internally implanted medical devices (e.g. pacemaker).
  • If any results are outside the desirable ranges the client will be advised to consult their GP. With the client's permission, we also write to their GP to make them aware of the test results.