Breast Friends

11 September 2019 - 08 September 2020

Action Cancer, along with local online insurance provider,are asking ladies across Northern Ireland to gather their ‘Breast Friends’ and save lives by raising funds for Action Cancer’s unique breast screening service. have pledged to match every pound that is raised by the Northern Ireland public, doubling the number of breast screenings provided to local women through your support.

So, if a group of friends got together and raised £240, then our good friends at will give us another £240! Or, put another way, that £240 is three breast screenings and provide the funds for another three breast screenings.

At Action Cancer we see and hear first-hand how friends play a vital role in supporting each other through difficult times. Breast Friends is inspired by the many stories we have heard over the years about ladies coming together to support each other and achieve great things.

There are many ways you can get involved and Action Cancer will provide you with lots of materials to make your fundraising enjoyable and easy. You can gather the girls at home, work, the gym, the beauty salon, wherever you normally get together with your friends.

Let us know what you are planning – it could be a ladies movie night, coffee morning, sponsored walk. Whatever you choose, we can help you to plan a great event!

For more ideas and tips on creating a great event and raising lots of cash download our Breast Friends Fundraising Pack or get in touch with Leigh Osborne on 028 9080 3344 or [email protected]

For more information on our breast screening service including how to book an appointment visit our Breast Screening page has been operating in the insurance market in Ireland for the last decade and is one of MCL InsureTech’s flagship brands. Earning the trust of over 130,000 women, was officially launched in Northern Ireland earlier this year. is kindly offering Action Cancer supporters an exclusive £50 discount on insurance policies. To claim this, go to, enter your details and add code AC50 before completing your purchase. It’s online insurance for those on the go.  


Clair Waterson, 46, from Fermanagh was diagnosed with breast cancer in March 2017 following her screening on board the Big Bus. 


I first attended the Big Bus in 2015 and received the all clear, so when I was called back two years later I had no concerns at all. Then I got a letter to say I needed further tests in hospital. It was following those tests, I was told I had breast cancer and it was a complete shock.

After my mastectomy in May 2017 I asked the breast cancer nurse what would have happened if I hadn’t attended Action Cancer for screening. She told me that possibly within six months I would have found the lump, my lymph nodes may not have been clear and it would have been a very different road for me. I may have needed a lot more severe treatment. Action Cancer’s early detection service saved my life, plain and simple.

I can't stress enough to people to use this service which is completely free. I have organised two Breast Friends fundraisers, one in my work and one with my local women’s group, and raised a total £620! This is enough for the charity to provide seven women just like you with a potentially life-saving breast screening appointment.”