Payroll Giving

I’m An Employee

Can I give to Action Cancer through Payroll Giving?
Yes, speak with your payroll department and let them know you would like to donate to Action Cancer.

Is there a minimum or maximum amount I have to give?
No, there is no upper or lower limit to your donation.

How is Payroll Giving different to giving  via Direct Debit (Gift Aid)?

Payroll Giving is taken straight from your gross (pre tax) pay so there is no need for Action Cancer to physically claim the tax back through Gift Aid from HM Revenue & Customs, this saves us money in administration.

If you are a higher rate taxpayer, Payroll Giving is the ONLY way that Action Cancer can automatically receive all your tax on your charitable donation.

How do I know that my donation will reach Action Cancer?
The deduction will be shown on your payslip. Your employer needs to have signed a contract with a Payroll Giving Agency, who handle all monies donated through the scheme and are regulated by HM Revenue & Customs.

A copy of the form you fill in is sent to your company’s Payroll Giving Agency so that when your employer sends them your first donation they know who the donation is coming from and which charity to send it on to.

Once we receive the form we will acknowledge your pledge and will keep you updated on our work by sending you information on our services.

I’m an Employer

If your workplace has not yet started a payroll giving scheme, please contact us and we can help.

Contact Dawn Weir on 028 9080 3369 or email [email protected]