Our History

In 1973 Dr George Edelstyn, an oncologist at Belvoir Park Hospital founded Action Cancer with the aim to fund pioneering research into chemotherapy and to support patients and their families during treatment.

In 1976 Action Cancer House, I Marlborough Park, Belfast, was purchased to provide facilities for patients awaiting treatment at Belvoir Park and recovery facilities for chemotherapy patients who had to travel long distances. The house also became a centre for the co-ordination of breast cancer research.

In 1978 Action Cancer began screening women for breast cancer – this was the first time screening was introduced in Northern Ireland. Since then, over 135,000 women have had a breast screening with us. This includes over 33,000 women who have been screened onboard the Big Bus.

The Big Bus, sponsored by SuperValu and its independent retailers, delivers early detection and health promotion services to  225 locations across Northern Ireland every year. Since its launch in 2006, the Big Bus has benefited over 52,000 local people by delivering 33,000 breast screenings and 19,000 M.O.T. health checks.

We offer support and therapeutic services to anyone affected by cancer; patients, carers and family members. In addition to our early detection and support services, we also carry out health promotion activity with children, young people and adults in school, community and workplace settings.

Today our mission is to save lives and support people affected by cancer in Northern Ireland.

For more info call 028 9080 3344 or email [email protected]