Children & Young People Support Services Testimonials

Quote from a 12 year old child who attended counselling

19 February 2015

I liked working with the counsellor because she respected my age and didn’t treat me like a baby.Before my counselling I would cry an awful lot about not being with my dad. Counselling has helped me to deal with the sadness and look back at all the nice memories. I liked my counselling because I think it is so good to talk about something that upsets you with a person that is not a member of your family. I enjoyed the drawing because it helped me release my feelings and emotions on to a page.

Quote from a mother of a child who attended counselling after the death of a grandparent

19 February 2015

The counsellor was a tremendous support to my daughter, she looked forward to her visits to counselling - they were evidently helping her to cope with the life events she had experienced. Her anxieties gradually eased, her nightmares stopped, she gradually returned to be the happy contented child we remembered. My daughter couldn’t have continued as she was, her health was starting to suffer and I couldn’t have managed without the support provided by Action Cancer. The child counselling service is brilliant and I just don’t know what children would do without it.

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