Breast Screening Testimonials

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Inez Fowler

19 February 2015

In 2011 two people I knew were diagnosed with breast cancer in quick succession and this spurred me on to get myself checked out. I booked a screening appointment for me and a friend at Action Cancer House, Belfast and of course, incorporated a light lunch and some shopping into the day trip! Two weeks after the appointment I received a letter referring me to the hospital for further tests. At that stage I just knew. When I was told I had breast cancer I felt like my world was tumbling down around me but it was either sink or swim. I told the Consultant, ‘Let’s do it. I’m still a young woman and I’ve too many tables to dance on yet!’ That was when I decided that this thing was not going to beat me. No way. When hit with this kind of news you have to look at it as a hurdle in life, a mountain to climb but something that you can get over. For me, keeping positive helped enormously. You can’t bury your head in the sand, you ought to be proactive about your health. I was, and Action Cancer helped to save my life.

Kate Comiskey

20 November 2014

It was over Breast Cancer Awareness Month when I read in the newspaper that the Big Bus was coming to my home town. Being proactive about my health and somewhat curious about the service, I booked a screening appointment onboard. As a result I was referred to a specialist breast clinic for further investigation. I didn’t think much of it as I was fit and healthy and was at the time training for a marathon. When we got the news that it was cancer we were absolutely shell-shocked. I had six rounds of chemotherapy and then a course of radiotherapy. Receiving a cancer diagnosis is a shocking blow to any individual; I was only 50 at the time. I felt let down by my body. I had, I felt, done everything in my power to defend myself from cancer through my active and healthy lifestyle. I never considered the idea of being personally afflicted by this illness. I will be eternally grateful for the breast screening service that Action Cancer offers and for detecting the cancer so early. I have slowly but surely started to re-integrate myself into my old lifestyle; I am looking forward to becoming more like the old Kate Comiskey again.

Betty Terrington

20 November 2014

It all began when my daughter decided to have a breast screening with Action Cancer and asked me to come along with her. However she discovered she was too young but went ahead and made an appointment for me as I am in my 70s. After the screening I received a letter from Action Cancer asking me to attend an appointment in the City Hospital. A biopsy was taken and from that I was diagnosed with grade 3 breast cancer. First I thought, why me, no lump no symptoms. Before leaving the hospital the consultant had arranged an operation to be performed on the following Monday. Thankfully the operation was successful; the removal of two lymph glands removed my cancer. I thank my daughter for going ahead and booking my appointment and the staff in Action Cancer for responding so quickly and getting in touch with the Cancer Unit in the City Hospital. My story could have been a lot different if it wasn’t for them. Don’t delay, make that appointment today.

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