The Difference We Make

Every year Action Cancer helps to save and support 50,000 people across Northern Ireland through the delivery of our services.

Here are some figures to give you a snap shot of the difference we are making:

  • In the 2015/2016 year Action Cancer screened 10,787 women for breast cancer
  • For every 1,000 breast screenings, 6 women have their cancer detected when it may have gone unnoticed
  • The Big Bus travels to over 235 locations across Northern Ireland every year
  • 500,000 children have taken part in our Health Action schools’ programme
  • 2,440 people are supported every year through our support and therapeutic services

Through media campaigns we work to raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of the most common cancers to aid early detection and communicate the importance of living a healthy lifestyle to help reduce cancer risk.

Since 1973, Action Cancer has lobbied the government to develop legislation and public policy that encourages the people of Northern Ireland to be pro-active about their own health. Click here to find out more.

For more info call 028 9080 3344 or email [email protected]