Action Cancer Ambassadors are important and valued spokespeople for our organisation. Ambassadors are people who are willing to share their cancer story to spread awareness of our services or to heighten public awareness of cancer signs and symptoms.

Ambassadors can be current or past clients who either had their breast cancer detected by us or have been supported by our services throughout their cancer journey. We are also keen to recruit Ambassadors who have not necessarily accessed our services but are willing to share their story to encourage others to be cancer aware.

Our Ambassadors decide what level of public exposure they would like to have. For example some people choose to share their story in their local newspaper whilst others are happy to be interviewed on radio or television, speak at our events or pitch to a company in the hope that Action Cancer become their Charity of the Year. The level of commitment is entirely up to each Ambassador and all of our spokespeople are treated with dignity and respect at all times.

If you have a story to share, please get in touch. Call Lisa McClenaghan on 028 9080 3361 or email [email protected]

See below videos of two of our Ambassadors who previously shared their stories through a UTV advertising campaign:

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