Mens Health

In Northern Ireland there is a one in three chance of developing cancer, and men have a 16 percent higher chance of developing it than women, yet over half of all  cancers could be prevented with the right lifestyle choices such as eating a healthy diet, taking regular exercise, not smoking, drinking alcohol responsibly and being safe in the sun. Recent research has indicated that men will sometimes wait up to four years before consulting a doctor and are less likely to do so than women.
Action cancers Action man campaign is calling on all men to “Get a Grip”. And realise that late detection loses lives. The latest figures from the Northern Ireland Cancer Registry shows that incidence rates of prostate cancer have increased by 46% while testicular cancer rated have increased by 57.5%

Action cancer currently offers the following services for men:

  • MOT health Checks aboard our big bus facility and can also be done in work places community groups and other areas. Action Cancer’s MOT health checks are offered to male’s aged 16 years and above. These health checks will be confidential and informal 15-minute sessions with a Health Promotion Officer and will explore current state of health as well as deciding on possible ways to improve health in the future. Clients can select from the menu of the MOT health check options available to tailor according to their needs. Why not mark men’s health month by booking an MOT aboard our bus.
  • Cancer awareness Sessions are designed to raise awareness of male specific cancers and the relevant symptoms for each. These sessions also encourage people to become proactive and visit their GP if they have any concerns. This will aid early detections and reduce incidences of cancer in Northern Ireland.
  • Healthy Living Programs These are ideal for use in community settings and allow groups of men to address their health behaviours in relation to body awareness, smoking, diet, exercise and stress.

Helpline: For help and advice on matters regarding men’s health contact the Health Promotion Department on 028903344

What They Said!



Adrian Logan, UTV Sport's Editor

"I'm used to telling men the good and bad sports results. When it comes to health though every man wants to hear the good news, men need to be aware of how important early detection is and to approach your doctor the moment you suspect anything is wrong."

Graham Little, Sports Presenter.

"It's a fact that too many men wait too late before approaching their Doctor with health problems. You wait too late on the pitch and you can miss that golden opportunity to put the ball in the back of the net! Take every opportunity you get to look after your health."


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