BIG BUS Services

The BIG BUS enables Action Cancer to provide a more effective & accessible regional service throughout NI. Each day the bus travels to different locations across the country to provide it's services to community groups and work places. On a typical BIG BUS service day there are 3 different services available. Each service runs simultaneously from 10am to 3pm. The services available are:

Breast Screening - Mammography


Using the latest digital mammography technology females aged between 40-49 years and over 70 years can receive a mammogram on board with results processed within 3 weeks.  Ladies must be asymptomatic, appointments last approximately 10 minutes and 24 appointments are available per day. 

MOT Health Check's

Health checks are offered to both males and females aged 16+ years.  These appointments last 20 minutes with 20 appointments per day where each person can select from a menu of options available the particular services of interest to them including lung function, blood pressure,  cholesterol, facial skin scanner analysis, body composition analysis, general health, lifestyle & cancer awareness.