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Action Cancer’s Response to the Breast Screening Review
30 October 2012

Joanna Currie, Consultant Radiographer for Action Cancer said: “Action Cancer welcomes the outcome of the review and the clarity it shows on how breast cancer screening does indeed save lives.
“Screening is still the most effective proven method to reduce deaths from breast cancer as regular screening helps detect the disease in its earlier stages, when treatment is more likely to be less aggressive and more successful. 

“Because there is no way yet of knowing which tumours will cause most harm and which could have been left alone, and as the Action Cancer screening programme targets young women aged 40-49 in whom cancers tend to be more aggressive, we would still urge women to come forward for screening.  The review states that:
‘from the point of view of a single patient they have a 1% chance of being over-diagnosed if they go for screening’.

“Action Cancer will look at the recommendations of the report and, if applicable to our work here at Action Cancer, will take these on board – in particular the recommendation to provide women with more information on the possible harms of screening.

“Research into breast cancer screening is advancing on a daily basis and Action Cancer looks forward to the future when new techniques and treatments will reduce the numbers of women having unnecessary treatment.”

If you’re aged 40 – 49 and 70+ and interested in booking a breast screening appointment with Action Cancer call 028 9080 3344 / 0782 5266 951, visit Action Cancer online at or download Action Cancer’s free BreastAware app.


For more information contact Louise McGovern at Action Cancer on 028 9080 3361 or email [email protected]

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