Positive Living Programme

The Positive Living Programme is a two day life coaching programme for people affected by cancer. This unique programme will help you to reflect, refocus, rebuild and reenergise, and to move your life forward following a cancer diagnosis. This programme empowers you to recognise your own personal strengths and create strategies to live a fulfilling life.

Anyone can attend who has been affected by cancer, at any stage of their cancer journey, and those impacted by it, such as partners, carers, friends and family members.

A previous participant on the programme said:

“The Positive Living Programme proved invaluable in helping me explore my current situation and help me begin to focus on the future. I feel over the two day programme I moved from 'survival' mode to 'living' mode. The activities were at a gentle pace that was perfect to allow genuine support and understanding in ”

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For more information on the programme click here for a programme leaflet.

If you are interested in attending the Positive Living Programme then please complete the online expression of interest form below and you will be contacted when a programme is being held in your area or you can call Action Cancer on 028 9080 3344.