Health Promotion

Health promotion aims to empower and educate individuals and their communities to make informed, positive healthy decisions.

At Action Cancer our two key health promotion messages are prevention and early detection.

We deliver these messages across Northern Ireland through a range of health promotion activities and in a variety of settings including schools, workplaces and community groups.


Up to 50% of certain cancers can be prevented by making small, simple changes to our lifestyle such as: not smoking, eating a healthy balanced diet, keeping physically active and taking care of your skin in the sun.

Early detection

Being aware of your own body and attending available screening tests can aid early detection of cancer and greatly increase the chance of successful treatment and longer survival.

Meet the Team

Catherine Foreman BSc (Hons), AdvDip

Health Promotion Officer

I have been working in the field of health promotion since 2005. I have a BSc in Health and Leisure studies and an Advanced Diploma in Health Promotion. On a daily basis I work to educate people about cancer signs and symptoms and the main lifestyle messages to reduce the risk of cancer. I have completed numerous trainings courses and am qualified to deliver exercise to music classes, armchair aerobics, Cook It, and healthy lunchbox sessions to name a few.

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Marie McAuley BSc (Hons)

Health Promotion Officer

I have worked in the area of health promotion and dietetics following the completion of my BSc Hons degree in Food, Quality, Safety and Nutrition from Queen’s University Belfast. Previously I spent time working in the USA with a community nutrition team and my most recent role was in the Community Nutrition and Dietetic Service for Health and Social Care Trust here in Northern Ireland. Since completing my degree I have obtained further health promotion training as a Cook It and Weigh to Health tutor and I am also a trained Walk Leader.

I started with Action Cancer in June 2013, within my role of Health Promotion Officer I have had the opportunity to work closely with community groups, schools and workplaces facilitating healthy lifestyle and cancer awareness programmes, giving people the opportunity to make positive lifestyle changes in relation to diet, exercise, smoking, alcohol and sun safety.

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Josh Mulligan BSc (Hons), PgDip

Health Promotion Officer

The newest member of the HP Team, September 2016; I have recently completed a BSc (Hons) in Physical Education. I worked as a Sports Development officer at the University of Sunderland overseeing a health and fitness programme for two years. I am a Personal Trainer (Level 3), Circuits & Fitness Instructor, Strength & Conditioning (Level 1), Cricket & Football and Rugby Coach (Level 2).

My role requires the delivery of health promotion programmes in a variety of corporate, community and school settings.  Programmes include, ‘Health Checks’ ‘Cancer Awareness Talks’ and Primary and Secondary ‘Health Action Programmes’ and lifestyle change programmes ‘Action Man Club,’ ‘Why Weight.’

I have also worked in the fitness industry, developing and delivering physical activity programmes for clients and vulnerable groups and have obtained valuable experience in coaching a range of muti skill sports in schools and community settings. 

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Amy Thompson BSc (Hons)

Health Promotion Officer

I have been working in the Health Promotion Team at Action Cancer since 2014 delivering health improvement and education programmes in a range of settings. I developed my skills and a keen interest in Health Promotion while completing BSc Human Nutrition at Ulster University. I gained invaluable experience while completing my DPP working on health improvement programmes and nutrition research in Northern Ireland Centre for Food and Health (NICHE). At Action Cancer I have had the opportunity to complete many training courses, such as Education and Training Level 3 and Walk Leader Training.

My role as Health Promotion Officer gives me the opportunity to put my knowledge and skills into practice while continuously developing. On a daily basis I work in a wide range of settings across the whole of Northern Ireland including schools, workplaces, community groups and hard to reach groups. I work closely with both children and adults informing them how best to lead a healthier lifestyle and reduce their risk of cancer and other preventable illnesses, through education on cancer awareness, the importance of healthy eating, the dangers of smoking and alcohol and importance of sun safety.

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Contact me at
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For further information on our programmes please contact a member of our Health Promotion Team on 028 9080 3344.