Change Your Tune

01 November 2018 - 30 November 2018

12 men a day in Northern Ireland are diagnosed with Cancer.

This November we are inviting you and your team to ‘Change Your Tune to Beat Cancer’ & raise money and awareness for Action Cancer Men’s Health Campaign, sponsored by Impact NI.

Throughout November, we would love you and your colleagues to raise funds by making a change to your lifestyle or diet.

To ‘Change Your Tune to Beat Cancer’ simply:

1. Sign Up!

Return the registration pack, drop us an email at [email protected] or call us on 028 9080 3344 and let us know how you are changing your tune.

2. Change Your Tune!

Make your change from Thursday 1st November. For instance, give up sugar in your coffee or commit to getting your 10,000 steps a day. See our list of 12 ideas on how you can ‘Change Your Tune’ in the registration pack!

3. Raise funds!

We are raising funds to support our Men’s Health campaign which encourages men to improve their health & lifestyle and book a FREE MOT Health Check, available at Action Cancer House, Belfast or on board our Big Bus, supported by SuperValu and its independent retailers.       

All money raised stays in NI and helps to fund these worthwhile services!

4. Nominate

Don’t go it alone! Nominate your office, sports club, friends and family to join you! 12 men per day are diagnosed with cancer in NI.

5. Get talking and get checked!

Men can ignore health symptoms for 2 years. Start chatting, spread the word to colleagues, and book a FREE MOT Health Check at

6. Share your story!

Use the power of social media and share how you have Changed Your Tune! Send us your updates and join the Action Cancer family!

Follow us on Twitter (@actioncancer) and like us on Facebook!

Get your REGISTRATION PACK now and sign up to Change Your Tune!

For fundraising hints and tips, please contact 028 9080 3344 or [email protected]

Men aged 16 plus can book a free MOT Health Check with Action Cancer, to do this please visit