Breast Friends

28 January 2019 - 31 March 2019

This spring Action Cancer is asking the women of Northern Ireland to get together with their ‘Breast Friends’ and save lives by raising funds for Action Cancer’s breast screening service.  We hope to raise £10,000 to fund an extra 125 breast screening appointments for women aged 40-49 and 70 plus.  Each year Action Cancer screens 10,000 women and for every 1,000 women screened, five or six women will have their cancers detected hopefully at an early and treatable stage.

There are lots of different ways you can get involved:

  • Ladies Movie Night
  • Boobs and Bubbles Night
  • 10k Race
  • Sponsored Walk
  • Sponsored Slim
  • Coffee Morning

The list goes on.….the beauty of ‘Breast Friends’ is that you can do it at home, at work, at the gym, at a beauty salon it can be done wherever you normally get together with your friends.

Susan Keatings first attended Action Cancer for screening at the age of 41 alongside her best friend Carmel who had been before. It was after her third visit for screening that her cancer was detected….


“Im supporting Action Cancer’s Breast Friends appeal because if hadn’t listed to my best friend and attended Action Cancer for screening I wouldn’t be here today. Action Cancer saved my life, I have no doubt about that, they detected my cancer at an early and treatable stage. I’m convinced that I never would have found the lumps myself because of how deep in the breast they were situated. It doesn’t bear thinking about if I had of waited to get my first mammogram when the NHS screening programme kicks in at 50! Don’t underestimate the difference friends can make to someone else’s life, get the girls together and raise funds for this great local charity!”





For more details or a free fundraising pack contact Leigh on 028 9080 3347 or email [email protected]