Different ways to donate

There are many ways you can help us.
  • £5 Will help us towards providing vital information leaflets to the public concerning issues like breast, cervical, testicular and bowel Cancer.

  • £20 Will help us provide a counselling session to a cancer patient or their loved ones when they need us most.

  • £35 Will cover a session of complementary therapy and relaxation for people under great stress and difficulties. These include Yoga, Aromatherapy and Indian Head massage.

  • £70 Will cover the cost of a mammogram with two consultant radiologists to report on every mammogram taken at Action Cancer. This is one of the most effective ways of detecting breast cancer at an early and treatable stage.

  • £100 With just 50 people giving 100 pounds we will be able to fund a cancer research scholarship for a whole year at one of our local Universities.