Top 3 Reasons To Join Action Cancer's India Dalai Lama Trek

12 September 2019


This Dalai Lama Trek includes all the best bits of India, we're talking amazing food, stunning landscapes, jaw-dropping mountain vistas, heart-warming local hospitality, mind-boggling train journeys, inspiring devotional traditions and epic monuments. It is one sure fire way to tick India off the ole bucket list and gift yourself with the happy feeling of having 'been there, done that'!



The fundraising target for this challenge is £3,800 which you'll easily smash with the help of Action Cancer's Fundraising Team who will work directly with you to develop a fundraising plan that fits seamlessly around your life. They'll also provide support throughout your fundraising journey to ensure that it is as easy as A, B, C.



The money raised by overseas challenges, like the India Trek, stays in Northern Ireland and is used by Action Cancer to deliver its prevention, detection and support services. 

These services positively change the lives of those affected by cancer in Northern Ireland. Through your fundraising efforts, Action Cancer can help to save lives but it all starts with you and a decision to say YES to the adventure!

There are heaps of great reasons to slip on the trekking boots and get involved in our 2020 India Dalai Lama Trek. To find out more pop along to our


at 7.30pm in Action Cancer House

where you can learn more about the trekking route, hear from others who have completed similar fundraising challenges and find out how the money raised will support and save those affected by cancer in Northern Ireland.  

Book your space today by emailing [email protected] or calling 028 9080 3349.