Thrill Seekers Required For Action Cancer's Abseil Challenge!

11 March 2019

Team Action Cancer is recruiting daredevils from all over Northern Ireland to join them on Mother’s Day, Sunday 31st March, to abseil down the Belfast Castle. 

Set on the slopes of Cave Hill Country Park, the idyllic Belfast Castle stands in a prominent position 400 feet above sea level. This exciting fundraising event will see participants scale 100 feet down the side of the iconic castle in order to raise money for Action Cancer’s prevention, detection and support services and help those in Northern Ireland affected by cancer. The cost to register for the Abseil Challenge is £37 per person and each participant is required to raise a minimum sponsorship of £100.

Christa Reynolds, from Bangor, decided to sign up for Action Cancer’s Abseil to focus on what she could do in the face of her mum’s cancer re-diagnosis.

“I’d seen things like the abseil pop up on Facebook a few times and while interested I wasn’t moved to take action until my mum’s re-diagnosis in December 2018.

‘“I can’t cure my mum’s cancer but I can do something worthy to raise money for a cancer charity - that's why I signed up to scale the Belfast Castle for Action Cancer. I wanted a way to help and give back and the Abseil Challenge seemed like the perfect solution.”

Not only does the event offer a way for Christa to pay tribute to her own Mum on Mother's Day but it provides the opportunity for Christa, as the Mother of two small children, to set a positive example.

“I’ve never done an abseil before so I am a little nervous about it, but overcoming something that scares me is a nice feeling and I want my daughter to see me doing something scary. She’s only 5 and afraid of absolutely everything so I think it would be good for her to see that scary or challenging things are actually ok, that they can be managed and overcome”

The minimum sponsorship for the Abseil Challenge is £100 per person - a target which Christa smashed effortlessly.

“I’ve raised £340 already mostly online through Facebook. I hadn't done much fundraising before so I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly the money came in.

“So many people know my mum both here and in Holland where I grew up. A lot of my friends from school have sponsored me because they remember my mum so fondly, which is really heart-warming.”

The cornerstone of Action Cancer’s mission is to support people. Whether you are directly affected by cancer or have a family member or friend affected by cancer, Action Cancer offers a range of Support and Therapeutic services to help you through that journey, something which Christa says is hugely important.

“Cancer impacts everyone in the family. Obviously the person undergoing cancer treatment should be the main focus but everyone in the family needs to take care of themselves or they can’t take care of the person who has cancer. I'd really encourage everyone to use the support that is available through charities like Action Cancer.”

Lynn Sanderson, Treks & Activities Executive for Action Cancer said:

“Our Abseil Challenge offers a fantastic way for participants to have fun and challenge themselves in a safe environment while raising money for Action Cancer’s prevention, detection and support services.

“The charity receives no government funding and each year must raise in excess of £4 million. We are so grateful to people like Christa who give up their time to help fundraise for Action Cancer for the money raised from challenges like the Abseil goes directly towards the delivery of Action Cancer’s prevention, detection and support services and really helps those affected by cancer in Northern Ireland.

“We encourage families, friends and work colleagues from across Northern Ireland to get involved and register for this fantastic challenge.”

For more information on Action Cancer's services please visit or call 028 9080 3344. There are limited places remaining on Action Cancer's Abseil Challenge, to secure your place today please email [email protected] or call 028 9080 3349.