10 March 2017


The President of the Society and College of Radiographers, Steve Herring, visited Action Cancer House on Monday 6th March to acknowledge the unique work that Action Cancer radiographers do in their detection of breast cancers in Northern Ireland’s women.

Steve is the 2016/17 President the 79th President of the Society and College of Radiographers and is himself an Advanced Practitioner, based at Maidstone Hospital, Kent. His aim during his presidential year is to meet as many members of the Society as possible across the regions and countries to talk to them, find out more about their hopes and concerns and to help give them a voice.  His visit to Action Cancer House was warmly welcomed by their Radiography Team.

Joanna Currie, Consultant Radiographer at Action Cancer said, “We were honoured to have Steve Herring, the President of the Society and College of Radiographers visit us at Action Cancer and the opportunity allowed us to show Steve the unique nature of what Action Cancer does and gave a forum to discuss ideas and strategies to promote the radiography profession across Northern Ireland. In a dynamic and exciting era for radiography, working together we can achieve so much”.

Action Cancer is Northern Ireland’s leading, local cancer charity.  Their mission to save lives and support local people through cancer awareness, prevention, detection and support and is the only charity in the UK and Ireland to offer breast screening to women aged 40 – 49 and 70 plus who fall outside the NHS screening age range (50 – 70). 


Action Cancer has had a long history of innovation, as the first breast screening service in Northern Ireland in 1978 (10 years ahead of the NHS), and the first in Ireland to launch full field digital mammography screening in 2006.  Their specialist radiographers screen around 11,000 women each year, detecting on average six breast cancers for every 1,000 women screened.

Patient care is at the heart of Action Cancer’s work and they are dedicated to saving lives and supporting local people.  Action Cancer is very supportive of advanced practice employing one Consultant Radiographer and one Advanced Practitioner, as they are firmly committed to empowering their staff to be the best they can be and this in turn improves service for the people of Northern Ireland. 

After his visit and seeing everything the charity offers, Steve commented, The work you are doing out in the community supporting women and all those other groups of men and women living with or affected by cancer is truly inspirational.”