Get On the Wagon

03 January 2017

Action Cancer is calling on men and women across Northern Ireland to ‘Get On the Wagon’ this January and give up alcohol for one month to help raise funds for Northern Ireland’s leading cancer charity.

Give up alcohol and enjoy a healthy start to 2017. Give your body a break from the booze and set your own personal health & fitness goals for the month.  Raise some money and do your bit to help fight cancer!

Stalwart Action Cancer supporter Glenn Bradley gave up alcohol for the charity back in October and says, “I’m going back on the wagon again in January. These days, drinking alcohol is a social norm so making the choice to abstain is not as easy as it sounds: it is a challenge for some. However, once you are committed it becomes a matter of focus”.

“You stop drinking beer, wine or whatever your favourite tipple is for 31 days starting in January. If you can throw in a bit of walking with other physical activity like cycling, and make a few positive eating habit changes, then trust me it’s great!”

“After the first 8 days your body will let you know it is feeling brilliant. You keep an honest record of the money you would have spent on wine, cocktails, beer, crisps and so on, and then in February donate that sum to Action Cancer”.

Imagine just how good you will feel waking up ‘hangover free’ in January. It is proven that cutting out alcohol and setting healthy lifestyle goals will have a positive effect on your overall health and well-being.  

Not only will you save lots of money - you will boost your energy and improve your health, feel fit, healthy and refreshed, and most importantly help to save lives & support people affected by cancer.

Action Cancer Events Officer Arlene Creighton says “Alternative alcohol free fundraising ideas include a ‘Get On the Wagon’ Western Film Night, Come Dine with Me Evening or ‘Mocktails’ Party with friends”.

“Put a ‘Jar on the Bar’ in your local pub for donations or become a designated driver for the evening and collect a ‘fundraising fare’ for driving your friends on a night out”.

“Or how about kick starting the New Year with some fundraising activities that will help you meet your health and fitness goals like running your first 5km/10km or taking part in a cycling challenge to raise funds for Action Cancer”.

If you fall off the wagon, Arlene says “You can pay a forfeit entitling you to one day off for a special event. Thirty-one days is a long time and we value your commitment even if you have a big night out planned, or your will power waivers”.

To request your Get On the Wagon fundraising pack containing all the information you will need to get started simply email [email protected] today or call 028 9080 3379.