Belfast International Airport and Action Cancer Sharpen Up Their Act!

18 July 2016

Every week hundreds of items are confiscated at Belfast International Airport security search area because of hand luggage restrictions. This means that everyday sharps items, such as nail files, scissors etc. have to be left behind by passengers but what happens to all of these items?

Belfast International Airport has teamed up with Action Cancer that will see these restricted items put to good use. 

Rod Haskins, Airport Operations and Security Manager explains; “We know that many passengers wonder what happens to these types of ‘sharp’ items once they are disposed of at the security search area. 

At the suggestion of our Police Sergeant, Jim Reynolds, we have been working closely with Action Cancer to develop a highly visible ‘sharps’ box which is situated at the entrance to the security search area. Passengers can put their restricted items safely into the box and Action Cancer will either resell these items in their shops or recycle the items with any money generated going directly to the charity.  

We hope that by passengers knowing exactly where their items are going will take the sting out of losing them.”

Katherine Young, Action Cancer’s Retail Development Officer continues “We are delighted that the partnership with Belfast International and Action Cancer has grown into such a visible presence within the airport. The recycling and sales from these restricted items go towards generating funds for our Northern Ireland cancer prevention, detection and support services.”

Next time you are heading through the airport to catch a flight, make sure you keep an eye out for the fantastic new look ‘Sharps’ box and know that your items are helping a fantastic cause. 


Police Sergeant, Jim Reynolds pictured with Action Cancer Ambassador Janet Gaw in front of the new ‘sharps box’ positioned at the security area at Belfast International Airport. Janet from Carrickfergus owes her life to the charity’s lifesaving breast screening service for women aged 40-49 and 70+ (outside of NHS screening age range). Action Cancer detected Janet’s breast cancer at an early and treatable stage, she is now well and cancer free. All monies generated from the sale or recycling of the sharps items will go to fund Action Cancer’s prevention, detection and support services in Northern Ireland.